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dikya4's Journal

Well... there's nothing exciting to say about myself -_-'

I love to read, playing Nintendo console games (expecially Legend of Zelda and Super Smash Bros) and watching animes. Sounds kind of childish, maybe... in my heart I am still a child and want to keep it this way. Life is funnier if your inner child always stays awake :D but I am old enough to drink alcohol and drive cars, I guess.
I finished my apprenticeship a while ago and am happy with my current job ... it's far away from where I live, the daily travels make it really tiring .... but it could have been worse!

Why am I here on LJ? There are so many SHIPS I love (hetero and homosexual of course ;9) so this is the main reason I'm here, craving for doujinshis or fanfictions about all of my favourite characters from videogames, anime, manga, movies, books etc.

Greetings to you all!
DiKya4 :D